A.I.mpact: Where Intelligence Meets Influence

At the heart of our ethos is a simple truth: we are not merely users of AI; we are its champions. Every strategy, solution, and service we create is augmented by the intelligence, agility, and foresight, with AI leading the way.

Our commitment transcends mere application. We are the architects of an AI-enhanced future in communications — a future where insights are deeper, brand strategies are more compelling, and marketing approaches are perpetually sharpened, all personalised and refined by AI.

With a foundation in algorithms, data analytics, and comprehensive AI toolkits, we delve into market intricacies, create enduring emotional connections, and foster robust customer relationships. We don't just anticipate the future; we're actively designing it with AI at the forefront. This is our A.I.mpact promise.


Consumer Truths Analysis
Using data insights to predict and understand consumer behaviour.
Cultural Moment Assessment
Identifying and acting on cultural trends with real-time analysis.
Competitor Analysis
Analysing competitors' strategies, strengths, weaknesses, pricing strategies, and customer engagement approaches to identify opportunities and areas for differentiation.
Landscape Analysis
Scanning and processing market data to spot market opportunities and emerging trends.
Media Monitoring
Monitoring media effectively to keep a pulse on industry news, competitor activities, and consumer sentiment.

Navigate market complexities with AI-powered Insights, harnessing advanced analytics to reveal consumer behaviour and untapped opportunities.


Strategic Brand Activation
Leveraging market insights for targeted brand positioning and differentiation, building go-to-market strategies and devising go-to-market roadmaps.
Data-Driven Creativity
Crafting creative concepts with informed in-depth market analysis.
Profound Emotional Resonance
Developing narratives and stories that resonate with people.
Visual Identity Mastery
Using generative AI to refine design principles and adapt visuals in real-time to audience preferences.
Immersive Customer Engagement
Designing interactive experiences that engage and delight.

Shape impactful Brand strategy with AI's adaptability, crafting narratives and visuals that connect instantly and memorably with your audience.


Digital Marketing Landscape Knowledge
Assessing the current digital marketing ecosystem to determine the most effective strategy for target audience engagement.
Methodical Relationship Building
Optimising CX-AI kit for enhanced personalisation and prediction of customer journey stages.
Strategic Lead Generation and Retention
Utilising predictive insights to enhance lead conversion and maintain loyalty.
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
Integrating AI to customise account strategies and content, driving deeper engagement.
Analytics and Optimisation
Leveraging search dashboards to aggregate hindsight and and foresight  insights, driving strategic decisions for maximised ROI with precision.

Boost your Marketing efforts with AI-optimised strategies, fostering enduring relationships and driving precise engagement.

Client testimonials

Here’s what they say about us.

Ying Li

Marketing Communication & Brand Manager,
Eaton (East Asia)

Working with AKIN has been an absolute pleasure from day one. Their team of dedicated professionals consistently go above and beyond to understand our needs and deliver exceptional results. Their expertise and knowledge is unparalleled, and we value the unbiased advice they provide, which is always aligned with our company values and expectations. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a dependable partner in their business ventures.

Chester Ong

Product Marketing Manager,

We are pleased to have engaged AKIN as our preferred agency. The team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand and our target audience. Their promptness, creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail have consistently been evident in every aspect, from planning to execution of our marketing campaigns.

Bee Loong

Cossiga Singapore Pte Ltd

AKIN is reliable, intuitive, and exceptional. the team is very supportive, creative, and flexible. Our discussion sessions were enjoyable and effective, they are quick to grasp what we are looking for and work with us expeditiously to achieve it. With the brand and marketing strategy from AKIN, we are on the right path to expand our business in the region.

Alex Lagata

Southeast Asia Marketing Lead,
Rinna Co. Ltd

We had the pleasure of working with AKIN towards the end of 2022 when Rinna is just about to officially expand our business to the Southeast Asian market. Our target was to gain information about the Indonesian market as our first approach. Overall, we were delighted with how above-and-beyond AKIN partnered with us. I would highly recommend AKIN for companies that are lacking information on reaching unfamiliar territories to expand (or even strengthen) their business.

Prakash Menon

Group Director, Blood Donor Programme,
Singapore Red Cross

It is a pleasure to work with AKIN as the dynamic team has brought our marketing brief to a strategic marketing plan that is creative, well-planned and relevant to our target audience. We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and friendly service provided by the team.

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